Sunday, January 2, 2011

work work work!

work sucks! haha. nahh it is quiet fun actually. it is fun when there's a lot of hot chicks stop by and shop at the outlet. dammit! haha. ok enough of chicks. ok just wanna share with you guys about my job. ok im working at brands outlet QB. i think most of you guys had already familliar with this shop. ok, basically my job is easy. i just need fold up the t shirts and stuff whenever it is mess up and help the customers to search for sizes. thats all. sounds easy rite.? then just give a try. haha. it needs a lot of physical and mental strength to be in this kind of department. the reason y im sayin this is bcause u need to have a lot of patient with the customers. they can just try 10 shirts at a time, but they get out empty handed. wahhh. this thing really pissed me off at first. but then when i think about it back, i said to my self that customer is always rite. so i just keep my mouth shut and smile. what to do. i just need to continue working. enough of being choosy. it is all about the money mannn! haha. yeaa about the staff pulak. ok, at first im kinda awkward. honestly speaking. but within a couple of days, i feel so comfartable being with them. they are nice and helpful. now i can just joke around with them like we've already known each other for a long time. sweet! :) i guess that's all. im damn tired! im going to bed. till then. goodnight everyone :)

Friday, December 31, 2010

im home :(

ok yeaaa. mybe some of you are wondering y im sad to be home. ok this is how it goes. im dissapointed bcoz i can't be with my friends to celebrate new year. all of them is in QB for the countdown tonight. but im not in. haihh. what to do. im working tommorow. and if im there, im not sure if i can reach home. haha. but it's ok. mybe next time. insyaAllah. btw bash, thanks for sending me. hope ur plan will go on really well. all the best bro. and aizat, im missing u already. GAY! haha. thanks for letting me spending a night at your house. it is superb! damn! serious shit i wanna be with my friends tonight. dammit! i hate working! but is all about the money dude. haha. ok guys. have a great night! happy new year! :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

last day of 2010

today is the last day of 2010. and im chilling at aizat hashim's house. yeaa it is awsome. both of us just came back from friday prayers. the first thing we do is to open up this lappy and start updating our blog. ok, honestly speaking, i will totally miss all the memories in 2010. even it is the sweet one or the bitter one. because 2010 had teach me a lot in life. the things that happened really give me the strength to move on forward and never turning back. a lot of incident occurred. but it is all the past. we can't turn back time. just need to see the future from now. ok i admit that im being too childish. but in this upcoming new year, i promise to my self that i will change and be more matured. what im trying to say here is, i will be a better man. to all my family and friends, i want to apologize for every single thing that i've done. yeaa people do make mistakes. but the mistakes will teach you for not repeating the same old stupid thing. and to zhafri akmal, im gonna miss you so much. im saying this behalf on aizat too. both of us will really gonna miss your jokes man. ur a great friend to us. seriously man. ur like our own brother. love you bro :) and after this will be aizat's turn to leave penang. shit! i hate mentioning this thing. im all alone man. gonna miss you thoo bro! nvm, in a short while, me and him have some mission to accomplish. we can't tell u now. later ok.? haha. but it is goin to be damn funny. serious shit! ok guys, i guess that is all from me. im goin to miss 2010 a lotttt. and welcome 2011. brace ur self. tc! Assalamualaikum :)

new boy in town

Assalamualaikum everybody! ok my name is ayman jamil. u guys can call me ayman or aj. ok im new here. so there is nothing much to talk about. im sleepy. so later or next time or soon or never i'll update again. tc everyone. slamat!